Mario Battistrada has been working since 1988 as graduated in Architecture in University of Genoa, in the building construction field as architect and designer. Town planning, new construction, restoration are the areas in which he has worked for the engineering company Battistrada e Gazzolo S.r.l., founded with the collegue Egidio Gazzolo. Between 1989 and 1992 he worked at the Genoa Town Council for the revision of the “General City Plan”. Between 1994 and 1999 he taught as an assistant for the classes of “Composizione Architettonica” and “Impianti” at the Genoa University, Architectural Department. From the beginning of 2012 he took part in the foundation of SA3 SHIP AND ARCHITECTURE AVANT-GARDE ATELIER with Elisa Monti, a new firm dedicated to interior design, Ship and Yacht interiors and outside lines and land based projects: master plans and architecture planning, structural planning, plant design with particular attention to the existing buildings with specific care to technological innovation for building energy upgrading. Since 2011 he is planning the birth of a new company Casa 3e60 that will come to life in 2013 and will focus on the energy efficiency of buildings.

Interest and specialization

Special attention to the needs of the customer, the quality of design, the quality of materials and the quality of relationships between people on the team working on the required product. The proposed solutions, as well as being designed in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the landscape features, the historical and natural beauties of the surroundings, must also be functional, easy to be produced and maintained. The well-being and comfort of the environments must be provided by a global study that also allows a different way of using energy. The flow of light, the air quality and the thermal radiation affect the perception of architecture: an environment studied also in these respects is a pleasant place to live in. The correctness of these processes can only lead to constructions harmonized with the people and the environment.

Inspiration source

Environment and landscape, culture and tradition, craftsman knowledge and technological innovation.