About us

The Firm SA3 Ship and Architecture Avant-garde Atelier works in shipbuilding and in Land based field, it is able to deal a full project for yachts, cruise ships, ferries, district planning and buildings starting from master plans to interior design through concept drawings, executive details, 3D models, renders till an accurate supervision at building sites and Shipyards.

SA3 Ship and Architecture Avant-garde Atelier was founded in the beginning of 2012 former Battistrada e Gazzolo s.r.l. – Architettura ed Ingegneria integrate, founded in 1988.

The team and its characteristics

SA3  is led by Ester Elisa Monti for marine field and Mario Battistrada for land projects, both graduated in Architecture at an Italian University (Genoa).

The exploitation of the characteristics of every professional aspect is an important base for the formation of the working team within the office, besides motivation and team spirit of the members in a well-coordinated group.

Main characteristic of the team work is a mix between “Italian style” and innovative technologies, balancing between an aesthetical style and a technical skill, with the due respect of historical and cultural traditions.

Urban and residential topics are broached contemporarily taking the best of the typologies of historical construction and the technical renewal and their sustainability, as there are huge urban planning projects as well as private apartments renovations.

The present essential requirement of sustainability of the project and the maintenance of the building is nowadays a focus topic in the project and building phases management. The people in charge in the Office attend the specializing courses of CASACLIMA for the low energy consumption buildings and are able to make a deep analysis of the energy efficiency of a building and consequently planning the suitable improvements with the concerning financial impact.

A special brand, Reqality LAB, is dedicated to building energy retrofit and deep renovation (www.requality.it).

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