Ester Elisa


Ester Elisa Monti, graduated in Architecture in University of Genoa-Italy in 1994, Architect and interior designer, works in the Cruise and nautical field since 1991 when she took part, inside the “Renzo Piano Building Workshop”, of “Nave Italia” Project, (Floating Italian Pavilion) for the 1992 International Columbus Exhibition in Genoa -Italy. Between 1994 and 1997 she taught as assistant “Composizione Architettonica” at the Genoa University, Architecture department. Since then she has worked for several Naval Agencies; one of the longest working relationship began in 1994 with Studio Jorio in Genoa to date. Between 2002 and 2004, as Project Engineer of Demont (naval Contractor), Elisa Monti was in charge of Costa and Carnival Cruise Ships fitting of Main Atrium and Main Lounge Areas (Fincantieri Shipyard-Genoa-Monfalcone). Starting from 2004, the Firm Battistrada e Gazzolo S.r.l opened a Naval branch with Elisa Monti as head and the department of creative focus was promptly started, through de Jorio Design International office, the MSC Cruise Ships projects. From the start of 2012 Elisa Monti leads with Mario Battistrada SA3 SHIP AND ARCHITECTURE AVANT-GARDE ATELIER a new firm dedicated to interior design, Ship and Yacht interiors and outside lines and land based projects.

Interest and specialization

To plan and design: imagine something new is more than a volumetric and chromatic composition, it involves all senses, lighting, warmth, colours, scents of materials; the ambience will take life slowly from the first concept drawings untying technical difficulties and compromises among the research of the best solution. Giving to the Client the right service means to identify with the user and understand his expectations, overall imagine how the space is going to be used both private than public, both it is a projection of the single to the others or, otherwise, a way to identify with a different and unusual reality, a chance to live a new experience and new emotions.

Inspiration source

Landscape features, the space characteristics are the project bases, even if it seems you don’t have any restriction we start with them. Foreign cultures and their colour, lights and materials, old and recent photos, fairies illustration, are food for the imagination.