Building Information Modeling is a recent method for optimizing the design, planning, construction and management of buildings, based on the management of the database constituting the virtual model of the building itself. Through BIM all relevant data of a building can be collected, combined and digitally connected. The virtual construction is viewable as a three-dimensional model that integrates architecture, plant, structure and all related information. BIM is used both in the sector for design and construction and in the facility management, operating in the temporal and economic planning of the building life.


Creating an environment is often a process that arises from the characteristics of the place, thinking of its peculiarities as a cue and considering its lights, colours and sounds as a starting point. On these elements, overlaps the projection of the character of the Owner, his culture, his travels, his life. Designing the furniture means respecting the ergonomic rules and functionality, but also knowing how to use technology, harmonizing the materials, being able to give the right chromatic and luminous accent.


Projects, both for urban developments and for single building designs, start from the urban and economic feasibility study, meander through the different stages of definition and choice of technologies and materials and arrive up to the control and the technical supervision of the works on the construction site. Monitoring during the different phases of planning and execution allows to give the Customer a consistent and compliant product.


In planning an intervention on an existing or a new construction, every Company intends to give passengers more and more better services, meet their expectations and even surprise them improving services, style, elegance, entertainment, comfort, beauty ... in a word the pleasantness to be on board, moving around without ever getting tired, feeling at ease and possibly always discovering something new.


Starting from an accurate energy analysis of the existing buildings (or of the characteristic project parameters in case of new ones) and deeply knowing technologies and solutions, the building/plant is designed to reach the results established with the Customer. By coordinating the best practices in the energy efficiency, the Customer is supported in the intervention choices with an innovative approach, in order to achieve very high energy ratings, next to independence (Near Zero Energy Building).